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Ways to donate for typhoon Ondoy victims

Our countrymen affected by typhoon Ondoy needs all the help they can get, so let's do what we can to help them in our own little ways.

If we cant physically help them, we can still donate via Philippine National Red Cross.


For Smart users:
Type RED<space>AMOUNT to 4483. We can send the following amounts: 10, 25, 50, 100. P2.50/msg.

ForGlobe users:
Type RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899. We can send the following amounts: 5, 25, 50, 100, and 300. P1/message.

text DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit M-PIN<space>REDCROSSto 2882.


Monetary Donations

Please send cash or check donations to the PNRC National Headquarters in Manila. Checks should be made payable to The Philippine National Red Cross. They can also arrange for donation pick-up.

Account Name: The Phil. Nat’l. Red Cross

Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 151-3-041-63122-8
Dollar Acct.: 151-2-151-00218-2
Type of Acct. : SAVINGS

Business Permit

Here is a list of government agencies that a start-up business needs to register with:
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
This is where you register if your enterprise is a single proprietorship. The agency will issue a certificate of registration of business name. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
If your enterprise is a partnership or a corporation, this is where you will register. It will issue a certificate of registration.Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
If your set-up is a cooperative, register with this body. The agency will issue the certificate of registration.Local Government Unit (LGU)
You register with the municipality or city where you will set up your business. This office will issue the business permit/Mayor's permit plus the business tin plate.
Barangay Hall
You register with the specific barangay in the municipality or city where you will operate your business. This office will issue the barangay clearance and barangay business permit.Bureau of Internal…

How to make beaded slippers

Wearing slippers (tsinelas) as a fashion statement began just a few years ago, but thanks to its extreme comfort and versatility, this trend is here to stay. Women treat flip-flops like dressed-up sandals.

Materials needed:
Long nose pliers, P35 to P120Fishing line (30mm thick), P40 for a big rollHeavy duty glue gun, P200 to P300,Small glue stick, P3 to P5 per piece, (All available at hardware stores)ScissorsNeedles1 pair of plain rubber slippers or flip-flops, P25 at wholesale price (available at department stores or Divisoria)1 to 1.5 yards of satin or organza ribbons, P4 to P8 per yardVarious accessories (i.e. beads, pearls, sequins), P0.05 to P10 per piece. (Both available at fabric stores)
Getting started:
Check the flip-flops to make sure there is no damage or defect, and the surface is clean and dry.To provide a strong base on which to secure the accessories, you’ll need to wrap the thong especially on the top middle part where the toes are inserted with a ribbon.
Keep wrapping the …

How to Make Polvoron

Just like pastillas, polvoron has become a favorite gift to give to overseas friends and family. There is such a huge demand for polvoron that in a survey conducted by the Business section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last 2007, Goldilock’s Bakeshop named polvoron as their top-selling item—it sold more than their cakes!
Materials & Ingredients needed:
Mixing bowlMeasuring cups and spoonsWooden spoonSaucepanJapanese paper or cellophanePolvoron molder, P244 cups all-purpose flour2 cups powdered milk1 1/2 cup melted butter2 cups sugar
Getting started:
On a pan, toast flour in moderate heat for about 15 minutes, or until light brown, stirring constantly to avoid burning.Remove the pan and transfer the mixture into a big bowl.Add the powdered milk, and toss for another 3-4 minutes.Add sugar and melted butter. Mix well.Fill the polvoron mould with the mixture, press it hard by using a spoon, then release it. If it is still too loose, add more butter or olive oil. Make sure that you coul…

Credit Card Tips

I applied for a secured credit card at BPI last year. I find it very convenient because I don't have to carry cash all the time. When me and my friends go shopping, I ask them to give me their cash and use my card instead. By doing that, I get more reward points and use that cash in short-term sidelines/investments/rackets. I am given 20 days to pay my I use that time to earn some money.

There are other promos included, like for example, if I use my card within that promo period for a minimum single transaction of P1,000, I get a free food item from Chowking. I was able to take out 2 pork siomai and 2 siopao asado last Wednesday. It's really nice to get freebies! I don't like having credit cards before but seeing as I can be creative with it, why not ;)
Just remember to always use your credit card wisely and pay your bills on time.

How to Make Empanada

An empanada is one pastry that crosses income segments. It can be sold to the masses at mall kiosks, or to the well-heeled at Sundayneighborhood markets or even at 5-star hotels! It’s up to you to decide.

Materials needed:
Measuring cups and spoonsMixing bowlWooden spoonChopping boardBaking tray
For the crust:
2 cups flour2 tbsp. sugar2 tsp. baking powder1/2 tbsp salt1/3 cup shortening1/3 cup ice water
For the filling:
1 medium sized onion, chopped3 cloves garlic, minced4 tbsp. vegetable oil2 tomatoes, peeled2 cups cooked beef, chopped1/2 cup beef stock1/4 cup raisins1 tsp. vinegar1/8 tsp. ground cloves1/8 tsp. ground cumin, P105 for 500 gramsSalt and pepper to tasteTo make the filling:Saute onions and garlic in hot oil until translucent.Add meat, sauté 5 more minutes. Stir in tomatoes, stock and remaining ingredients.Simmer for 30 minutes.
Getting startedFirst, make the crust. Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.Cut the shortening into the flour as though you were making a pi…

How to Make Puto Kutsinta

Puto kutsinta is a Filipino delicacy that is brown in color, sticky and glutinous. It is made of rice flour and served with grated coconut. It is one of my favorite snacks :)

Materials needed:
Mixing bowlMeasuring cups and spoonsWooden spoonMuffin pans or small, shallow bowls2 cups cassava flour2 cups all purpose flour4 tsp. lihia or lye water, P22.50 for 250 grams (available in supermarkets)2 cups pandan juice8 tsp. butter2 cups brown sugarFreshly grated coconut as topping
Getting started:Mix the butter and sugar.Sift the all-purpose flour and cassava flour.Combine this with the mixed butter and sugar.Pour the pandan juice and lihia (lye water) and mix again until it the texture is smooth.Pour into a muffin pan or shallow bowls, making sure to leave room at the top.Steam for 20 minutes.You may sell this with grated coconut on the side.
source:; photo from

How to Make Pastillas

Pastillas is so easy to prepare because it can be made with just milk and sugar. You can also make flavored pastillas like ube, nangka, mocha, pinipig etc.

1 1/2 cups powdered milk1/2 cup condensed milk1/4 cup melted butterwhite sugar (for rolling)cellophane paper

Sift powdered milk into the condensed milk and butter.Mix and blend well.Knead and set aside 5 to 10 minutes before shaping into small balls or 1/2" thick logs.Roll in sugar and wrap in cellophane.See? I'm really fond of sweets! But I make sure not to consume them in just one sitting lol! Takot akong magka-diabetes ;)

Scrap Price Monitoring

I'll try to regularly post scrap prices for those who wants to be updated, however, selling price is within La Union PH only. Scrap paper and scrap plastic are to follow.

Scrap Bottles (per piece)
gin round post - 1.002x2 - 2.004x4 - 2.25gsm long neck - 2.25gsm solo - 1.10angelito - .60catsup - .50tanduay/emperador long neck - 1.30generoso - .60Scrap Metals (per kilo)
bakal - 11yero - 6.50lata - 3tanso pula - 170tanso dilaw - 120radiator - 90radiator loose - 90condenser - 75jalousy - 45aluminum light - 45aluminum heavy - 45aluminum cans - 30kaldero - 30alum caps - 15stainless - 40tingga - 30zinc - 15Non-working batteries (per piece)1 snf - 1801 smf - 1802 smf - 2403 smf - 3006 smf - 5002d - 5504d - 6508d - 850

How to Make Chocolate Candies

Chocolate candies are perfect giveaways at weddings, as party favors, as gifts, or simply as desserts. And another good thing is they’re easy to make, as chocolate candy molding involves only a three-step process: melting, pouring, and setting.

Materials needed:
PanStainless or heatproof bowlsPlastic molds (local ones are priced at P90 each while an imported one starts at P120)Wooden and stainless spoonsChopping boardKnifeDisposable plastic glovesA clean clothToothpick, lollipop stick, or plastic straw.If you have the budget, you may also buy a double boiler and an artist brush for making designs on the chocolate mixture.

To make 44 pieces of almond shaped dark chocolate, you will need:
Bittersweet chocolate, P67 per 500 gramsPeanuts, P3.12 per 40 grams, for fillings. Other fillings may be raisins, marshmallows, walnut, pecans, almonds, or cashew nuts.For packaging:
Fluted paper cups, P10 per 100 piecesBoxes sized 3.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches, P40 per 10 pieces
Getting started:
Make sure all your u…

How to Make Banana Chips

Believe it or not, good banana chips are highly in-demand overseas. So be patient in perfecting your cooking skills—you may be looking at exporting your products soon!

5 to 6 raw bananasStoveFryerOilSaltSugar (optional)

Getting started:
Peel bananas and put them in salted iced water.Slice bananas into bite-size pieces and lay across a cloth for 10 minutes to remove all moisture.Heat up the oil in the fryer until smoke is rising.Fry banana slices in one-layer batches for a minute or two or until crisp.Lift chips out with slotted spoon and lay on paper towels to remove oil.If you want to make the sweetened kind, sprinkle sugar heavily on the cooked bananas and leave overnight in a covered container.Fry again the next day. source:

How to make Perfume

Because people love to smell good, making perfume and cologne can be a profitable home-based business for small start-up entrepreneurs. The steps in making them are easy and the profit margins can be as high. You just need to follow a standard formulation to make quality scents. To start, you will need the following laboratory equipment:10kg weighing scale or kitchen scaleplastic cupsstirring rodsmall beaker and a 1,000 ml beakervolumetric flask with cover.The raw materials for this project are as follows:
70g triple deodorized alcohol (TDOH) at about P200 per liter 15g fragrance at P500 per 100g 5g muscol (MCL) at P400 per 100g 5g moisturizer (propylene glycol or PPG) at P250 per liter 5g distilled water at P10 per 300 ml.For packaging, you may use either an atomizer bottle (spray) with a net content of 5 ml (P15 per bottle) or roll-on glass bottles with a net content of 10 ml (P16 per bottle). These are available at the Divisoria Market in Manila.


Step 1:

To start, put …

The Benefits of Mutual Fund Investing

The power of a mutual fund lies in its ability to pool together funds from so many different investors. Imagine a thousand investors each with P5,000 to invest who decide to pool their funds together. That’s already a pool of P5 million! Now imagine that instead of just investing P5,000 each, some investors put in P10,000, P100,000 or even P1,000,000. The size of the collective pool would even be bigger. And when it comes to investing, there is strength in numbers. P5,000,000 can gain better access to more diversified investment instruments than P5,000. A mutual fund is a vehicle that allows investors to combine their resources. Because of this, you don’t need a large amount of money to gain access to a well-diversified portfolio of top-performing investments. A mutual fund makes this possible. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in mutual funds. Professional Management A mutual fund is managed by an experienced, full-time fund manager who is focused solely on analyzing the fi…

List of Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools together the funds of various investors---both individuals and corporations. The pool of funds is managed by a professional fund manager who uses the funds to create a diversified investment portfolio consisting of various investment instruments such as stocks and bonds.Types of Mutual Funds in the PhilippinesStock or equity funds invest in shares of stock of Philippine corporations listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Equity funds offer the highest possibility of growth among all mutual fund types, but they also have a corresponding high amount or risk.Bond funds invest primarily in fixed-income securities such as bonds or treasury notes issued by the Philippine government and commercial papers issued by reputable Philippine companies. Because these bonds are normally guaranteed, the possibility of loss is very low. Investing in bond funds provide capital preservation while maintaining conservative asset growth.Balanced fund is a …

Beating Inflation through Mutual Fund Investing

Our mother always tell us stories about how they could survive with five peso a day in the old days -- 50 cents for a soda and the rest for food and fare. Now, the same five peso cannot even get us a decent stick of barbecue. One reason for this is inflation.

As a young adult, you wonder how your meager income can help you achieve your financial goals - a roof above your head, education for your children, and a few luxuries. The ever-increasing cost of basic commodities makes a reasonably comfortable future seem like a distant dream. How then can you beat inflation?

If you have modest savings, simply putting your money in the bank is not going to help you beat inflation. For P10,000, commercial banks offer interest rate of roughly 1.6% a year. This is substantially below the 6% - 7% inflation rate expected by the government this year. Directly investing your savings in the stock market also has its own d…

How to Make Puto Pao

Puto-pao is a bun with asado toppings or fillings.

You‘ll need the following to get started:
bowlsladlewooden ladle or whipspatulameasuring spoons and cupskitchen weighing scaleserving traypressure cooker or casserolewok or skilletsteamerknivesgas stoveingredients:

- 1/2 kg all-purpose flour
- 250 g white sugar
- 1/4 cup baking powder
- 2-1/2 cup water
- 3 tbsp or 30g melted butter

For the asado, on the other hand, you’ll need the following ingredients: - 1/2 kg of ground lean pork

- 1 piece laurel leaf
- 1 piece star anise
- 1/2 cup or 112ml of soy sauce
- 1/2 cup water
- 1/2 cup or 125g of white sugar
- 1tsp or 2g cornstarch
- 2 cloves garlic

Start by cooking the asado. While preheating the pan or a skillet over low heat, mince the garlic. Once the pan is hot enough, put all the ingredients together. Mix them to a good blend. Continue mixing until the meat is cooked and becomes tender. Discard the star anise and the laurel once the meat gets tender. (The star anise and laurel leaf are only meant to…

Carrot Yema Balls

Last month, I attended one of my friend's birthday party. She knows most of us have a bit of a sweet tooth so she prepared something new this time. She usually just buys ice cream. She calls this carrot yema balls. I so love yema when I was still a kid. I know I should eat right but when my sweet tooth starts calling, I can't seem to ignore it ;) So I asked for her recipe and here it is:


1 cup carrots, boiled and mashed
1 301 ml condensed milk
6 pieces egg yolks
1/4 cup macapuno in syrup
1/3 cup crushed cornflakes
2 tbsp butter or margarine
1/4 cup cornstarch
2 tbsp chopped peanuts
1 cup white sugar

In a pan, combine all ingredients except the white sugar.Cook mixture over low heat while stirring until thick enough to hold its shape. Cool.Form 2 tsp of mixture into balls and roll in sugar. Wrap in colored paper or cellophane.Yum! yum!

**I just found out she got this recipe from nestle website lol!

How to make icing flowers

For decorating debut and wedding cakes, nothing can beat icing in the form of flowers. And during kiddie parties, who hasn't seen boys and girls quarreling over the four pieces of icing flower from the party cake?

To get started on this project, you need a mixing bowl that can be either plastic or stainless, a flour sifter, a measuring cup, and a pair of scissors. You will also need the other materials listed below, all of which can be bought for around P1,200 from Divisoria in Manila or from the supermarket nearest your place: (prices may not reflect real market conditions)12" pastry bag (P140), with tips 3, 36, 67, 103 or 104 (P35 each tip) Medium size rubber scraper (P230)No. 7 flower nail (P50/pc)Portable mixer (P500) Code P-100 plastic ware for packaging (P6.50/pc) 12" floral wire (P26/pack of 100 sticks), or magnetic wire #27 (P492/0.5 kg)Toothpicks (P9.50 per pack)Bond paper (P10/20-sheet pack), or wax paper (P500/5-kg rol…

A Guide To Investing Early

Young people often think they don’t know enough about the market to jump in and start investing. But fear of the unknown and the misguided belief that retirement planning can wait can cost you big in the long run. There are numerous advantages to getting into investing while you’re young, but the single biggest advantage is time.When you start investing in your 20s, you get way more returns for you money. With compounding interest, your money grows significantly over time, and a little more time can make a big difference. Additionally, the more time you have to invest before retirement, the more ability you will have to recover from any market losses.Here are some essential points for young people to remember when they start investing:

Start now no matter how much money you have to invest

You don't need a large sum of money to start investing in the market. There are mutual funds that have minimum investments of $250 or less. Mutual funds are ideal for young investors because they a…

TRC Training Schedule (June 2009)

Available Courses for June 2009Date/TimePriceTrendy Balloon Decors
Lecture/Hands-on: material requirement and supplier, cost requirement, balloon twisting and how to make balloons as decorations.June 1
8-4:301,815Hair Trimming, Perming, Dyeing and Make-up Techniques
Lecture: Structures, divisions, forms, characteristics and styles of hair; purposes of make-up, facial balance and applications. Hands-on: Hair trimming (short, medium and long length), perming, dyeing, make-up (daytime, evening and glamour) Bring model, scissors, cape, towel, hairpins and comb.June 1-2
8-4:30 3,399Basic Digital Photography
Lecture and workshop: fundamentals of digital photography, photo shooting techniques including indoor and outdoor photo activities. Bring digital camera and USB.June 2-3
8-4:30 3,399How to Make Fashion Accessories
Lecture: Methods used, sources of tools and materials, costing. Hands-on: necklace, e…