Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Make Chocolate Candies

Chocolate candies are perfect giveaways at weddings, as party favors, as gifts, or simply as desserts. And another good thing is they’re easy to make, as chocolate candy molding involves only a three-step process: melting, pouring, and setting.

Materials needed:

  • Pan
  • Stainless or heatproof bowls
  • Plastic molds (local ones are priced at P90 each while an imported one starts at P120)
  • Wooden and stainless spoons
  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • A clean cloth
  • Toothpick, lollipop stick, or plastic straw.
If you have the budget, you may also buy a double boiler and an artist brush for making designs on the chocolate mixture.

To make 44 pieces of almond shaped dark chocolate, you will need:
  • Bittersweet chocolate, P67 per 500 grams
  • Peanuts, P3.12 per 40 grams, for fillings. Other fillings may be raisins, marshmallows, walnut, pecans, almonds, or cashew nuts.
For packaging:
  • Fluted paper cups, P10 per 100 pieces
  • Boxes sized 3.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches, P40 per 10 pieces

Getting started:

  1. Make sure all your utensils are clean and dry. Put on your plastic gloves and cut the chocolate block into small pieces so they melt faster. Place the chocolate blocks in a pan small enough to fit inside the boiler. If you don’t have a boiler, just use a bigger pan that can accommodate the pan for melting chocolate.

  2. Place the boiler containing water over the stove and let the water simmer.

  3. When the water simmers, put the pan containing the chocolate blocks inside the boiler, taking care that the water level doesn’t reach the pan’s rim. Stir constantly using the wooden spoon until the chocolate melts completely and becomes smooth and thick.

  4. Pour the melted chocolate onto the mold or heatproof plastic containers. Use the stainless spoon to scrape off the sides of the pan. If you want fillings like nuts, marshmallows, rice crispies, dried fruits, or raisins, pour a tablespoon of chocolate first, then the filling of your choice, and coat with another spoonful of melted chocolate. Tap the mold or use regular straw to fix the fillings and remove air bubbles from the chocolate mold. Make sure the mold is fully covered.

  5. Cool for a few minutes and then put the chocolate mold inside the freezer for three minutes. When the three minutes are up, remove the mold from the freezer. Turn a mold upside down on a flat surface and tap gently to remove the candies. (Another way to find out if the candies are ready is to see if the sides of the mold have turned white or cloudy.) If the chocolate doesn’t come off easily, return the mold to the freezer to allow it to harden more.

  6. Place the candies in fluted paper cups and arrange them in a box. Decorate box with ribbon and card. The chocolates can last up to two weeks.




engeng chocolate.hehe

realmofadreamer said...

I miss doing this! Reading your blog made me want to run to the nearest chocolate supply store, but they're close on Sundays! :(
maybe I'll just buy chocolate candies :)

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