Saturday, July 11, 2009

Credit Card Tips

I applied for a secured credit card at BPI last year. I find it very convenient because I don't have to carry cash all the time. When me and my friends go shopping, I ask them to give me their cash and use my card instead. By doing that, I get more reward points and use that cash in short-term sidelines/investments/rackets. I am given 20 days to pay my I use that time to earn some money.

There are other promos included, like for example, if I use my card within that promo period for a minimum single transaction of P1,000, I get a free food item from Chowking. I was able to take out 2 pork siomai and 2 siopao asado last Wednesday. It's really nice to get freebies! I don't like having credit cards before but seeing as I can be creative with it, why not ;)

Just remember to always use your credit card wisely and pay your bills on time.


The Dreamer said...

I was never a fan for credit cards... That's why I didn't know you can get more out of it :)

lilywhite said...

Me too sis. Convenience lang talaga habol ko, bonus na lang iyong mga nakukuha kong freebies ;) And hindi naman ako impulsive buyer so okay lang :)

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