Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scrubs for Women

Five years ago, I took up a short-term course in Medical Transcription. Our instructor was great and I enjoyed every activity we had. On our second month, we were required to wear scrubs and I was very excited to have one. I always admired people with medical training wearing scrub suits. They really look neat! Aside from that, scrubs are loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. It's like wearing your pajamas while working!

I bought mine at a local store. The designs were very limited though. I didn't have other options. That time I didn't know that cheap scrubs could also be bought online. We were lucky to have our on-the-job training at one of the clinics nearby. They impose color-coded scrubs on their employees/volunteers to differentiate positions. We were wearing maroon scrubs though I'd prefer pink scrubs for women like the photo posted above.

Anyway, if you are working at a doctor's office or hospital , you may want to check scrubs for women here,

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