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Ube-Macapuno Salad

I'm going to try this simple ube-macapuno salad next week (I hope). I still have this persistent cough for over a week and the doctor advised to stay away from sweets and cold drinks for the mean time.

1 cup ube jam 1 pack instant gulaman 1/4 cup (300ml) Alaska condensed milk 1 cup water 1 cup macapuno preserve 1/3 cup toasted pinipig remaining Alaska condensed milk 1 pack Alaska Crema

To make the ube gulaman cubes, place ube jam, Alaska condensada, gulaman powder and water in a pan. Cook over low heat until gulaman is totally dissolved. Pour in a rectangular mold and let it set. Cut into cubes.

In a bowl, blend Alaska condensada and Alaska crema. Toss in ube gulaman cubes and pinipig. Chill until ready to serve.

Serves 8.

Scrubs for Women

Five years ago, I took up a short-term course in Medical Transcription. Our instructor was great and I enjoyed every activity we had. On our second month, we were required to wear scrubs and I was very excited to have one. I always admired people with medical training wearing scrub suits. They really look neat! Aside from that, scrubs are loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. It's like wearing your pajamas while working!

I bought mine at a local store. The designs were very limited though. I didn't have other options. That time I didn't know that cheap scrubs could also be bought online. We were lucky to have our on-the-job training at one of the clinics nearby. They impose color-coded scrubs on their employees/volunteers to differentiate positions. We were wearing maroon scrubs though I'd prefer pink scrubs for women like the photo posted above.

Anyway, if you are working at a doctor's office or hospital , you may want to check scrubs for women here, http://www.blues…

My Pimple Cure

Not everything works for everybody but I just want to share what I discovered lately. I found a natural, inexpensive and effective way to treat my pimples --> Apple Cider Vinegar (acv). It gets rid of redness and dries up pimples really quick!

Here's what I do:
Wash face then dab the pimple with acv (yes, I use pure acv since I have very oily skin). Pretty harsh huh! It might sting a bit, just be careful on how long you hold this to your pimple because it will dry out your skin. I usually let it stay for 2 minutes. If you have dry skin then I think it would be better to mix it with water. Rinse. Then moisturize. :)

LC shares

This morning I bought a few shares of Lepanto Mining (LC) at P0.74/share but sold it too early at P0.79...tsk tsk tsk. It closed at P0.81! I ended up buying again at that price :D

Last Thursday, May 5, the PSE announced that PX acquired 5% interest in LC/LCB at P0.66/share. According to Mr. Gus Cosio, LC/LCB had the richest mineral reserves among Philippine mining companies and Gold Fields was very serious in their quest to see if the reserves were in fact a bankable mining project.

I remember last June 2009, I think it was trading at P0.21/share. Could this become the next PX? Let's wait and see.

Some say there's much more money to be made in mining stocks than bullion.

With that said, I will try to be an investor on this particular stock, not a trader. Kaya? hehehe :))

Inabel Blankets

Handloom abel weaving is a process where thread that makes up the warp and weft are interwoven in an upright wooden handloom (pag-ablan) by one or two weavers. Ilocano blankets or Ilocos blankets (also called inabel) are made from yarns of cotton, polyester, acrylic and rayon. The different colored yarns are arranged in a wooden handloom (pag-ablan) to create varied and unique designs. The process is intricate and labor-intensive so weavers must master synchronizing the movements of their hands and feet to properly use the wooden handloom.

Not many people know that the century-old tradition of weaving wider Ilocano handloom-woven blankets is produced in Bangar, a sleepy town in La Union (Northern Philippines). For many years, our town has been the main producer and supplier of these inabel blankets and has been known to be the weaving center of Ilocandia. Wholesalers from other regions come to our town and buy these handwoven pieces.

With the ready availability of cheap machin…