Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pinoy Fear Factor: Fearless Four

I've been following this show for some time now. There are only 4 participants left. Who do you think will emerge as the ultimo participante?

The other night, I saw how frustrated Manuel was. He obviously made the wrong strategy and he also hurt his leg, and now he is in danger of being eliminated. But when I saw Janna's performance last night, I also felt sorry for her, though I wanted Jommy and Manuel to compete.

I used to like Jommy before, but when I saw how happy he was and the way he laughed when he learned about Manuel's poor performance, I was annoyed and I wanted to spank him hehehe :) We shouldn't take pleasure from other's misfortune, right? But I do understand it's a competition.

About Marion, well, he topped last night. He was able to finish the stunt successfully. But I hate it when he always say, "You're going down Manuel." I'm a Manuel fan, you know :)

So who do you think will go home tonight? My guess would be Janna.

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