Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to make clothing for dogs

Think "fashion designer," but with the pieces about one-third or one-fourth of an adult's size. You will be sketching outfits, matching material, and coming up with seasonal collections for man's best friend!

  • Fabric, approximately a yard per outfit
  • Fabric accessories (beads, buttons, fabric paint, Velcro, etc.)
  • Measuring tape
  • Patterns
  • Sewing supplies (fabric glue, paper, pencil, needle, etc.)

*All available in fabric stores as well as in Divisoria


Step 1. Sketch your desired pattern. You can find ideas on the Internet—check out, http://www.make-and-build-dogstuff. com—and just tweak them into your own!

Step 2. Prepare your fabric. Just be sure the material is comfortable for the dog, durable, and washable. To save money, you can also use old clothes you have around to the house. Shop around for desired accessories and details you want to add to the outfit.

Step 3. Using a measuring tape, get measurements around the neck, across the chest (from inner front left leg to inner front right leg), leg, and inseam measurements. The pattern you selected will determine any other measurements you might need.

Step 4. For an easy shirt pattern, fold a piece of fabric in half, lengthwise, and lay it on the table. Measure the dog from across the shoulders, and measure half of that number onto the top edge of the fabric and draw a line. Be sure it curves, as this part of the shirt will go around the neck.

Step 5. Measure from the side neck area to the top front leg area and draw the measurement onto the fabric.

Step 6. Measure from the nape to the mid-back area, adding a couple of inches for hemming, and draw this measurement down the fold part of the fabric.

Step 7. Measure around the dog’s waist, and draw half of that measurement onto the fabric.

Step 8. Then, measure from the midback area to just under the front leg and draw this measurement onto the fabric.

Step 9. Finally, measure around the top portion of the dog’s front leg.

Step 10. Cut the shirt pieces, and sew the garment together—attach the front and back shoulder area, hem the neckline, sew the opposite shoulder pieces together, hem both armhole openings, sew one side seam, hem the bottom, then sew the other side seam. The shirt is now complete!

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