Sunday, May 3, 2009

Make Big Bucks

I always wanted to put up a school supplies business. I've learned that we have a very huge market as school opening is a great chance to make big bucks! These items doesn't have expiry dates so there's no fear of losing your money.

Filipinos tend to put a premium on education, and buying their children’s school needs is usually on top of any family’s list. This is good news for entrepreneurs, especially since school opening season in June is fast approaching.

This is indeed a huge market, and the numbers will support it.

There are an estimated 20-million school-age children that will enroll for the current school year. That translates to 20 million potential customers, with needs ranging from shoes, school bags, uniforms, pens, pencils, and the like. That is of course assuming that each student will only get one set of their basic needs. For children whose parents are better off, that number could double.

They would require at least 100 million textbooks, assuming that only one book per subject is bought for them for these five basic subjects in the elementary and high schools: mathematics, science, English, Pilipino, and Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies).

3. The weather will also factor in. Since June is also the start of the rainy season, these schoolchildren would need millions of personal accessories like jackets, umbrellas, raincoats, and rubber boots—not to mention medicines for colds and other season-related ailments.

4. And,
with the advent of technology, they will also need cellular phone loads, not to mention they will ride jeeps, eat meals, and do other activities.

College students will also come in droves. They will need dormitories, coffee shops, internet cafes, printing shops, and other creature comforts. All 13 million of them.

Although a school opening business may sound seasonal in nature, its ever-growing range of services and the growing needs of its clientele makes it an evolving and ever expanding business. You too can grab a slice of this huge market, and hopefully make lots of money doing so.

We have a forum member at entrep PH who offers an initial inventory package for starting a school supply business for a minimum investment of P10,000. For inquiries, you can email him at jefmarenterprises(@)


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