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A Guide To Investing Early

Young people often think they don’t know enough about the market to jump in and start investing. But fear of the unknown and the misguided belief that retirement planning can wait can cost you big in the long run. There are numerous advantages to getting into investing while you’re young, but the single biggest advantage is time.When you start investing in your 20s, you get way more returns for you money. With compounding interest, your money grows significantly over time, and a little more time can make a big difference. Additionally, the more time you have to invest before retirement, the more ability you will have to recover from any market losses.Here are some essential points for young people to remember when they start investing:

Start now no matter how much money you have to invest

You don't need a large sum of money to start investing in the market. There are mutual funds that have minimum investments of $250 or less. Mutual funds are ideal for young investors because they a…

TRC Training Schedule (June 2009)

Available Courses for June 2009Date/TimePriceTrendy Balloon Decors
Lecture/Hands-on: material requirement and supplier, cost requirement, balloon twisting and how to make balloons as decorations.June 1
8-4:301,815Hair Trimming, Perming, Dyeing and Make-up Techniques
Lecture: Structures, divisions, forms, characteristics and styles of hair; purposes of make-up, facial balance and applications. Hands-on: Hair trimming (short, medium and long length), perming, dyeing, make-up (daytime, evening and glamour) Bring model, scissors, cape, towel, hairpins and comb.June 1-2
8-4:30 3,399Basic Digital Photography
Lecture and workshop: fundamentals of digital photography, photo shooting techniques including indoor and outdoor photo activities. Bring digital camera and USB.June 2-3
8-4:30 3,399How to Make Fashion Accessories
Lecture: Methods used, sources of tools and materials, costing. Hands-on: necklace, e…

Swine Flu Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

One of my close friends just texted and asked what are the symptoms of swine flu. I immediately checked the Department of Health website and got the following info:

What is Influenza A (H1N1)?
Influenza A(H1N1) is caused by a novel virus that resulted from the reassortment of 4 viruses from pigs, human and birds.It is a new virus causing illness in people.It was first detected in people in April 2009 in the United States.This virus is spreading from person-to-person, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread.There is no vaccine yet to protect humans from this virus.There are existing and recommended medicines that are effective in treating these Influenza A(H1N1).Influenza A(H1N1) can be fatal to humans due to severe respiratory distress (pneumonia)
Why this new Influenza A(H1N1) virus is sometimes called “swine flu”?

This virus was originally referred to as “swine flu” because laboratory tests showed that many of the genes in this new virus were very si…

Good Debt. vs. Bad Debt

When it comes to debt, most consumers fall into either of two camps – those who fear debt and those who embrace it. Let’s call the first group the debt-o-phobes. To these folks, debt is to be avoided at all costs. They don’t carry a credit card and refuse to buy anything, except a home perhaps, on credit. We’ll call the other group debt-thusiasts. As long as they can have whatever they want right now and can afford the monthly payments, they don’t care how much debt they are in or interest they will pay.

Neither extreme is healthy. The debt-thusiasts never get ahead and have little chance of building wealth.

The debt-o-phobes, on the other hand, can save a considerable amount of money in interest, but they have less money available to fund revenue-generating investments.

Bad Debt

What exactly is bad debt? Bad debt is availing of a loan that would be used to purchase something that would depreciate or decrease in value over time. It is money you owe on something that does not increase your…

What you want vs. what you need

There is nothing wrong with wanting things that you don't need, but there may be a problem when you buy things that you don't need and you can't afford. When you want something and it is not a priority in your life, the wise thing to do is to save the money to buy it.

There is a difference between what you want and what you need:
What you want are things that you see, or hear about, that makes you feel the urge to possess them, whether you need them or not.What you need are basic items that help sustain you for the good of your health and your everyday living experience.There is nothing wrong with getting something that you want at a later date by saving for it but your priority should be spending the money that you have on the things that you need.

Saving your money is possible, especially if you develop and incorporate a good plan for saving and a budget strategy that you can live with. Learning self-control and self-discipline can go a long way in helping you save for …

How to make strawberry jam

For this project, we will make strawberry jam. Keep in mind, though, that other similarly pulpy and juicy fruits can also be made into jam.

You will need a total of P2,508 to buy the ingredients for this project in bulk. If you just want to try out making jam, though, you need not buy the whole lot. For instance, you can simply buy 200g of citric acid for P50 instead of paying P110 for a whole kilo.

Most of the utensils and equipment you will need for this project should already be available in your kitchen: measuring spoons and cups, gas stove, casserole, pressure cooker, ladle, containers, mixing bowl, and packaging bottle with lag-type cap (a box of 24 pieces of this costs P150).

STEP 1: Measure the ingredients and put them in individual containers. Then mix all the dry ingredients—the sugar, the food gel, and the citrus pectin. You may also mix the citric acid together with the other dry ingredients. Usually, though, the citric acid is best added after cooking the jam. This is becaus…

The Buena Mano Concept

Buena mano is a Spanish phrase that literally means “good hand.” In Philippine business practice, buena mano means the first sale of the day, which is believed to bring good luck to the business for the rest of the day. The meaning of the phrase is flexible, however; it can refer either to the transaction itself or to the first paying customer of the day.

One of the quaint rituals Filipinos perform in homage to this belief is patting goods with the money they received from the first sale of the day. It is believed that the ritual will make for better sales.

Whatever its true origins, buena mano is something many Filipinos take very seriously. This is why local customers always make it a point to ask for a discount if they think that theirs is the first transaction of the day. Filipinos expect that if they are the buena mano, their requests will most likely be granted. Only in the Philippines!

source: Reeza Singson of

Make Big Bucks

I always wanted to put up a school supplies business. I've learned that we have a very huge market as school opening is a great chance to make big bucks! These items doesn't have expiry dates so there's no fear of losing your money.

Filipinos tend to put a premium on education, and buying their children’s school needs is usually on top of any family’s list. This is good news for entrepreneurs, especially since school opening season in June is fast approaching.

This is indeed a huge market, and the numbers will support it.

1. There are an estimated 20-million school-age children that will enroll for the current school year. That translates to 20 million potential customers, with needs ranging from shoes, school bags, uniforms, pens, pencils, and the like.That is of course assuming that each student will only get one set of their basic needs. For children whose parents are better off, that number could double.

2. They would require at least 100 million textbooks, assuming that …