Monday, March 23, 2009

Ways to earn money without spending a penny

It doesn't take money to make money. You just have to be resourceful. It also pays if you develop other skills then offer your services. Here are some ways to make some money without spending anything.
  1. Freelance Writing - if you are good at writing, you can try your hands on this one. You might as well take advantage of your computer and internet connection. You won't get rich off of it, but you will surely earn a few bucks and it's a good chance to improve your writing skills.
  2. Recycling - If you have some junks lying in your backyard or basement, take them out, collect them and bring them to your nearest recycling center. There are so many types of recyclables: used bond paper, old newspapers/magazines, soda cans, plastic bottles and other kinds of scrap plastic, glass bottles and glass cullets and a lot more. You can also get money for recycling your old computers, old printer cartridges, cellphones and other electronic wastes.
  3. Tutoring - Market yourself in different schools in your area. Offer them your services. You just have to decide first what you want to teach.
  4. Computer Services - If you happen to be good at PC troubleshooting, then you can offer your services to a lot of people esp to those who don't have a basic grasp of taking care of their PCs. Help them set up their firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware etc. Help them install drivers if they happen to buy a printer.
  5. Blogging - If you have writing skills and are willing to put in some effort on how to market your blog, there's a chance you can turn blogging into a part-time job. Open up an account with Blogger or Wordpress, start writing and learn how to monetize it. There are a lot of tutorials online on how you can properly monetize your blog.
  6. Cleaning Service - You can offer to clean other people's homes and small businesses for some extra cash. The work isn't glamorous but it's a great part-time business to be in. If there's a dorm near your place, many students would be willing to pay you to have their room swept, vacuumed, mopped, dusted and organized.
  7. Babysitting - there's always a young couple around that needs time to themselves and would like to unwind, and maybe needing someone to take care of their kids. If you need some extra money, consider starting your own Friday and Saturday night daycare service.
  8. Bookkeeping - If you have knowledge on accounting, offer your bookkeeping services to small business establishments in your area. Most of the time, they have no more time left to do these things. Some of them also doesn't know how to compute their taxes.
  9. Graphics Artist - Offer your services if you have the artistic skills necessary to develop cool graphics/logos. Submit your sample works to businesses. They may be needing logos for their signage, calling cards etc.
  10. Affiliate Marketing - If you are good in promoting products and if you happen to know a lot of people who are fond of purchasing items online, then you might have a chance earning some money in affiliate marketing. There are so many tutorials online on how to do affiliate marketing. You just have to make a thorough research first.

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