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Ways to earn money without spending a penny

It doesn't take money to make money. You just have to be resourceful. It also pays if you develop other skills then offer your services. Here are some ways to make some money without spending anything.
Freelance Writing - if you are good at writing, you can try your hands on this one. You might as well take advantage of your computer and internet connection. You won't get rich off of it, but you will surely earn a few bucks and it's a good chance to improve your writing skills.Recycling - If you have some junks lying in your backyard or basement, take them out, collect them and bring them to your nearest recycling center. There are so many types of recyclables: used bond paper, old newspapers/magazines, soda cans, plastic bottles and other kinds of scrap plastic, glass bottles and glass cullets and a lot more. You can also get money for recycling your old computers, old printer cartridges, cellphones and other electronic wastes.Tutoring - Market yourself in different school…

How to earn your first million

Wondering how to earn your first million? It starts with a good business idea. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time starting a business because they can't think of a good business idea. If you're stumped for business ideas, here's a free business idea that could make somebody rich.

Good business ideas start with identifying a need that isn't currently being addressed in the marketplace.

Coming up with a good business ideas isn't that hard, as we try to show in this example. For this particular business idea, the need in the market goes something like this: For starters, humans need to sleep. When they don't get sleep, it makes them grouchy. So, if they are having trouble sleeping, they are probably willing to pay P1,000 for a device that will help them sleep.

You wouldn't identify this need unless you have been through the experience of having a three-year old walk into your room at 4:00 AM and ask "Is it time to get up yet?" For parents, …

Starting a Tutoring Business from Home

Tutoring is a low-cost business that works well for stay-at-home moms, home schooling parents, even college students who want to earn income on the side. You can tutor students who need help with their academic work. You can also tutor foreigners in studying English or helping them in their studies, which are hindered by language barriers. The important element of this business is your knowledge of the subject matter. While a college degree or teaching certificate may not be required, you need to have a full grasp of the subject matter especially if you are going to tutor high school or college students.

Decide on your area of expertise – e.g. High school science, or elementary, or college math -- and focus on that (though there are some who tutors elementary to college level clients).The location where you are going to tutor is of prime importance. If you are a college student whose “home” is the dorm, consider tutoring in a library, study room or even the student’s home…

The Good and Bad of Having Your own Business

Owning your own business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Like all good things, there are pros and cons to almost every situation.
For some people, owning and operating their own business is the only way to go. For others, a job works well for them. Each person is different and has different priorities, goals, views, and tastes.

You can have two people who get along very well. One wants to put in his eight hours and go home with nothing else to do no worries and no desire to create, advance, or be in control while the other person dreads the eight-hour work days and wants to run the show, be in control, and have added responsibilities.

Both of these scenarios are legitimate ways of looking at things. You don't want to be in the wrong working environment. If you are, then you'll be unhappy and stressed out. Be sure to choose the right environment for you.

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of owning and operating your own business. These are some o…

How to prevent being/retiring poor

Start living a simple life. If you can live without a cable TV, do so. If you can eat lunch without softdrinks, do so. Living a simple life means living not in excess. It is still living healthy and living well. Most of the excess things or activities we do are not even healthy to our bodies. So start cutting all those expenses that you can live without until you reduce them significantly. Even the smallest thing like candies can mean a lot when accumulated. Don't worry, even if you cut your expenses, you can still be happy. There are far more things you can do that are less expensive but more meaningful and rewarding.Start living within just 90% of your income monthly then start saving the other 10%. It's better if you can make it 20% or more. But if you have debts to pay, start cutting first all those debts until you eliminate them totally before starting your savings.Start improving and developing new skills. At first, improve all the skills you need to enable you to perfor…

Reasons why we are poor

If you are going to list all the old people you know, how many of them are living well, spending their own money? Maybe you can name a few but majority of them are just depending on their small amount of pension or the money that their children will give them. Statistically speaking, more than 90% of Filipinos at age 65 are either broke or already died broke. This is really a shocking reality. Here are the reasons why people are poor:
Poor Saving Habits. If you're in the office, ask the first 3 people you will meet. How much money they were able to save from their last paycheck? Most often than not, you'd hear a lot of complains and they will tell you that their income is not even enough to pay all the bills that needs to be paid. Most of the time, employees had already spent the money they are just about to receive. Even the bonus they are just about to receive 3 months from now is already allocated to pay some bills or to buy some new things instead of planning to save or inv…

Palay Buying Business

UPDATE: I bought this manual from TRC e-library. It provides more information about Rice Prices, Income and Competitiveness. Just download it here.


I've been thinking of a new business and this is the first on my list. I choose to venture on this trade because most of my kakilalas are doing good, and our town is considered as class C, so I might as well take advantage of our being an agricultural-type town.

They say that this is a good trade, though seasonal, specially if you have enough working capital. Some say you can start off with a minimum of P50,000 - P100,000. If ever I venture into this business, maybe I will focus on wet palay, stock up and wait for the price to go up then sell. (Well, I don't know if it's a good strategy).

Are you aware of informal credit financing, also called as kabanan or pasung? This is practiced by some farmers and traders especially in provinces. Farmers do n…

How To Put Up A Convenience Store

Convenience stores have become an essential part of our everyday lives.

As the name implies, the aim of this type of store retailing business is to offer convenience to its customers. This aim can be exhibited in a number of ways, the most notable being the accessibility of the store’s location. Convenience stores are usually situated handily close to where the market is. Why then would a customer go to all the trouble of going to the mall or supermarket when there’s a store down the block or around the corner he can run to?

Add to this, unlike the regular shopping venues, most convenience stores operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Why then would a customer wait for the shopping mall to open in the following morning to get what he or she needs when there’s an open store he can go to right now?

The convenience they get keeps the customers devoted. This is why they keep coming back again and again. This is also the reason the convenience store concept has managed to thrive …