Tuesday, February 17, 2009

List of Recyclable Materials

When I started in this business, I focused on three types of scrap materials: metals, plastic and bottles. I wanted to add scrap paper in my list but I didn't have a storage area that is covered.

Anyway, there are too many types of scrap materials so I will only be listing those I am familiar with. Here's a list of recyclable materials:


Two Types of Scrap Metal:

Nonferrous metals
- metals that contain little or no iron. They are not magnetic and are usually more resistant to corrosion than ferrous metals.They include precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, magnesium. Nonferrous metals also include specialty metals such as titanium, cobalt, chromium, tungsten and metal alloys made of a combination of two or three metals such as brass which is made of copper and zinc, bronze which is a blend of copper, tin and zinc.
  • copper red & copper yellow
  • alum jalousy (most expensive type of alum)
  • aluminum light & aluminum heavy
  • alum cans - used beverage cans
  • alum caps/crowns (cheapest type of alum)
  • alum kaldero
  • radiator & radiator loose (haven't tried buying these) :D
  • condenser & condenser loose
  • stainless (so hard to determine if it's pure stainless)
  • tingga/lead
  • zinc
Ferrous metals - are metals which contain iron. All ferrous metals are magnetic and give little resistance to corrosion
  • bakal (ordinary steel)
  • yero ( G.I. sheets)
  • tapalodo
  • lata/tansan (can as in canned goods)

  • PET - mineral water/softdrinks bottles
  • HDPE/LDPE/PP - more commonly called as sibak/sibakin. They include most containers (shampoo, lotion, alcohol, cooking oil - but not the yellow ones)
  • ABS/PC - cd/dvd case, baby feeding bottles, computer/tv cases
  • PE - sando bags
  • Plastic cups (clear/transparent), spoon and fork
  • PVC tubings
  • Straw (softdrinks)

  • gin round post
  • gin 2x2
  • gin 4x4
  • gsm/matador long neck
  • gsm/matador solo
  • catsup
  • angelito
  • lapad
  • emperador/tanduay long neck
  • generoso
  • glass cullets (bubog)

  • white paper (used bond paper, computer paper, old notebooks)
  • newsprint (newspapers & magazines)
  • cartons
  • assorted wastes (colored paper)

  • 1 snf
  • 1smf
  • 2smf
  • 3smf
  • 6smf
  • 2d
  • 4d
  • 8d
  • bpc/bp

  • cpu - complete or incomplete
  • colored monitor
  • printers, fax, scanner, old appliances and other office equipment
  • printer boards, med grade boards/hard disk
  • floppy drive/cd-rom/power supply
  • CDs
  • wire/cables
  • christmas light wires
  • aircon (complete units)
  • power boards/monitor boards
  • hard disk drives
  • Ink Cartridges/Toners
  • defective cellphone units/batteries
  • used engine oil/used cooking oil
  • doy packs (small & big)
  • rice, flour and sugar sacks

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