Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stock Investing for Ordinary Pinoys

Wow! It's been more than three (3) years since my last post! I will try to revive my blog and post more often ;-)

I have been wanting to post topics about investing in the stock market. I actually have a few posts here. I started in the stock market 7 years ago. I thought that the Stock Market is for millionaires only and not for a regular Pinoy like me. When I learned that you could start with as low as P5000 initial investment (and a minimum of P1000 subsequent investment), I immediately opened an account with COL Financial. I searched online from different forum sites on what people were buying. I got into trading (quick buy and sell) but I got burned. I used most of my savings but I lost money (ouch)!

And then I learned about Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. I joined this club because they’re incredible in teaching and guiding people how to properly invest for the future. I learned to discipline myself and invest regularly thru the help of the Truly Rich Club. I am now regularly investing in the stock market and I get updates on what stocks to buy and when to sell. I am slowly growing my portfolio because I developed the habit to set aside 20% (sometimes more) of my income each month. And also, the Truly Rich Club (TRC) also helps you gain spiritual abundance. They regularly email articles on how I could also  grow in my spiritual life.

I believe that investing (not trading) in the Stock Market is one of the best ways of growing your passive income. But before you could start investing, you have to have a regular income because you will need to invest regularly. It's very important to note that it's not how much you earn, but how much you keep of what you earn. So if you have a regular income and you are willing to set aside a few pesos a month to invest in long-term investments so you can create millions for your future, then consider investing in the Stock Market. The sooner you start putting money away for your future, the more compound interest it will earn. Even if you can only invest a small amount a month, you will be glad you did it when the time comes.

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