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Stock Investing for Ordinary Pinoys

Wow! It's been more than three (3) years since my last post! I will try to revive my blog and post more often ;-)

I have been wanting to post topics about investing in the stock market. I actually have a few posts here. I started in the stock market 7 years ago. I thought that the Stock Market is for millionaires only and not for a regular Pinoy like me. When I learned that you could start with as low as P5000 initial investment (and a minimum of P1000 subsequent investment), I immediately opened an account with COL Financial. I searched online from different forum sites on what people were buying. I got into trading (quick buy and sell) but I got burned. I used most of my savings but I lost money (ouch)!

And then I learned about Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. I joined this club because they’re incredible in teaching and guiding people how to properly invest for the future. I learned to discipline myself and invest regularly thru the help of the Truly Rich Club. I am now regularl…