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Domain Portfolio

According to Bill Gates, domain is an internet "real estate". Just like its traditional meaning, their value tends to go up. Setting up domain names is relatively easy. I started last June 2009 and I was able to sell some of them.

I have 3 minisites and 2 parked domain names and they are all for sale. Yesterday, I received an offer for I get a lot of traffic from this site and so far, it is my highest-earning domain (thru google adsense). I wish I could post updated scrap prices to attract more visitors.

Anyway, here's my list: - minisite with logo and contents
Creation Date: July 29, 2009
Expiry Date: July 29, 2011
Registrar: - minisite with contents
Creation Date: July 31, 2010
Expiry Date: July 31, 2011
Registrar: - minisite with logo and contents
Creation Date: July 17, 2010
Expiry Date: July 17, 2011
Registrar: - online poker
Creation date: June 26, 2009
Expiry …