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Save for your retirement while you are still young

For almost all young adults who have just started their first job, or who are just getting ready to settle down and marry, planning for their retirement is not at all in their minds. For those who have just gotten their first job, the experience of receiving your paycheck is a thrilling and empowering feeling. Now you have money to spend for the things you’ve always wanted to get. Billboards and glitzy print ads beckon you to accumulate all sorts of products and services that make you enjoy the life that you feel entitled to. At last!

But, listen, time waits for no one. Sooner or later, you will find yourself with a closet full of out of fashion clothes, outdated gadgets, and toys that you have outgrown. Worse still, you may still have credit card bills to pay for these things, and zero cash saved up for even your next vacation to Boracay. This time will come, if you’re not careful. And believe me, that time could just be around the corner.

If you’re smart, you should begin to p…

Richard Gordon for President

With permission to post from cosmochick, a girltalker of

I am writing this not as a passionate advertiser to a person I entrust my vote. I am writing this because I feel that I have to. I have this urge to let others and my friends, who are still undecided to vote this coming election, to exercise their rights and not waste it by voting in futility.

As mandated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, everyone has the right to be informed. Therefore, I am informing you now just a “piece” of the candidate I am voting for. This will not be that long-winded and too lengthy for I know, whatever I put here will surely be an UNDERSTATEMENT of what my President has accomplished.

Because of my PRO-GORDON posts, many inquired why I chose Gordon. I told them, “I will answer your question if you will also allow me to ask you a question. Don’t worry, I accept fairness and equality so I will ask the same thing to you.”

He walks his talk. He is not only a visionary thinker and an eloquen…