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Part 2: Stocks Investing

Part II: What is the minimum amount needed to invest in the stock market?

Trading stocks is done though board lot or round lot system, which means there is a minimum number of shares one can buy or sell at a specific price range.

The Board Lot Table determines the minimum number of shares one can purchase or sell at a specific price range. Therefore, the minimum amount needed to invest in the stock market varies and will depend on the market price of the security as well as its corresponding board lot. Prices of stocks move through a scale of minimum price fluctuations.

The Philippine Stock Exchange uses the Board Lot Table.

How can i profit in the stock market?

Investors can profit in the stock market thru any or a combination of the following; Capital Gains - These are profits made due to an increase in the market price of a stock from the buying price.
Cash Dividend - A dividend given to shareholders in the form of cash. It is computed by multiplying the number of…

Part 1: Stocks Investing

What are Stocks? Securities?

Stocks are shares of ownership in a corporation. When you become a stockholder or shareholder of a company, you become part-owner of that company. Securities, on the other hand, are proof of one's ownership or indebtedness in a company. Examples of securities are treasury bills and commercial papers, which are considered as short-term and are traded in the money market; and stocks and bonds, which are long-term and traded in the capital market. Securities are easily bought and sold in the stock market.

What are the types of Securities that I can buy in the Stock Market?

Most of the issues listed in the PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) are common stocks. Other types of securities such as preferred stocks, warrants, PDRs and bonds are also traded. Common Stocks - These are usually purchased for participation in the profits and control of ownership and management of the company. Holders of common stocks have voting rights. They are also entitled to an equ…

How to Start a Bakery

If you love to bake, have at least P250,000 in capital, know a good location, and are looking to start a business with a steady and growing customer base, then you should consider setting up a bakery.
By Prime Sarmiento

Although bread is only the second staple food for Filipinos, bakeries can be found everywhere in the country – from the neighborhood panaderia where you get your morning pandesal to popular bakeshops in malls selling pastries and cakes of every ingredient and recipe. The Trade and Industry department reports that there are 30,000 bakeshops in the Philippines.

Given this number, you might think it’s foolish to go into this business as the market seems to be heaving with loaves and rolls. But master baker Ric Pinca, executive director of the Philippine Association of Flour Millers (PAFMIL) says “there’s dough in the bakery business.” “The bread market in the Philippines is under-utilized,” pointing out that a Filipino consumes only 1.75 piece of bread everyday. Singaporean…

Earth Hour 2010

Last night, me and my mom turned off all the lights & switched off all our appliances as our small contribution for our planet. Some of our neighbors too. I just stayed outside and did stargazing which I really enjoyed.

Even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. We can make a big difference in our homes simply by making a few small adjustments to our routines. I've been trying to conserve water and energy, not burning plastic/styro/packaging, recycle what can be recycled and telling my friends to do the same thing.

I would like to share the following tips I read from world wide fund philippines

Save energySwitch off all lights and electrical appliances when not in use – your TV left on standby can still use a quarter of full powerChoose energy-efficient appliances and light bulbsLet clothes dry naturally rather than using a tumble drierKeep lids on pans when cooking to prevent your cooker having to work extra hardOn average using a gas o…

Portable Solar Chargers

A mobile phone going "low-batt" or losing its last bit of power during a crucial business call is a dreadful thing to happen to any entrepreneur. The search for a timely recharging source to allow resumption of the call--whether a wall outlet, a car's cigarette lighter outlet, or a charging station at a mall or convenience store--can be very troublesome as well.
But it need not be like that anymore. Portable solar chargers are now available for entrepreneurs who use mobile phones or PDAs (personal digital assistants) extensively while out of the office--and they need not fear running out of electrical "juice" ever again. Among the sun-powered chargers now in the market are three variants of the GreenMobile brand, which are distributed by a local firm, Tritec Integrated Philippines Inc. The product is targeting businessmen on the go and young people who frequently use mobile devices like digital music players, movie players, handheld video games, and cameras. Anot…