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How to make beaded slippers

Wearing slippers (tsinelas) as a fashion statement began just a few years ago, but thanks to its extreme comfort and versatility, this trend is here to stay. Women treat flip-flops like dressed-up sandals.

Materials needed:
Long nose pliers, P35 to P120Fishing line (30mm thick), P40 for a big rollHeavy duty glue gun, P200 to P300,Small glue stick, P3 to P5 per piece, (All available at hardware stores)ScissorsNeedles1 pair of plain rubber slippers or flip-flops, P25 at wholesale price (available at department stores or Divisoria)1 to 1.5 yards of satin or organza ribbons, P4 to P8 per yardVarious accessories (i.e. beads, pearls, sequins), P0.05 to P10 per piece. (Both available at fabric stores)
Getting started:
Check the flip-flops to make sure there is no damage or defect, and the surface is clean and dry.To provide a strong base on which to secure the accessories, you’ll need to wrap the thong especially on the top middle part where the toes are inserted with a ribbon.
Keep wrapping the …