Friday, May 6, 2011

LC shares

This morning I bought a few shares of Lepanto Mining (LC) at P0.74/share but sold it too early at P0.79...tsk tsk tsk. It closed at P0.81! I ended up buying again at that price :D

Last Thursday, May 5, the PSE announced that PX acquired 5% interest in LC/LCB at P0.66/share. According to Mr. Gus Cosio, LC/LCB had the richest mineral reserves among Philippine mining companies and Gold Fields was very serious in their quest to see if the reserves were in fact a bankable mining project.

I remember last June 2009, I think it was trading at P0.21/share. Could this become the next PX? Let's wait and see.

Some say there's much more money to be made in mining stocks than bullion.

With that said, I will try to be an investor on this particular stock, not a trader. Kaya? hehehe :))

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