Thursday, May 6, 2010

Richard Gordon for President

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I am writing this not as a passionate advertiser to a person I entrust my vote. I am writing this because I feel that I have to. I have this urge to let others and my friends, who are still undecided to vote this coming election, to exercise their rights and not waste it by voting in futility.

As mandated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, everyone has the right to be informed. Therefore, I am informing you now just a “piece” of the candidate I am voting for. This will not be that long-winded and too lengthy for I know, whatever I put here will surely be an UNDERSTATEMENT of what my President has accomplished.

Because of my PRO-GORDON posts, many inquired why I chose Gordon. I told them, “I will answer your question if you will also allow me to ask you a question. Don’t worry, I accept fairness and equality so I will ask the same thing to you.”

He walks his talk. He is not only a visionary thinker and an eloquent speaker, he is a moving doer who inspires by example. I am one of those inspired by his altruism and pragmatic ideals.

Others brand him as braggart for the reason that he tells what he has achieved. We are talking about our future President not a docile and meek Saint, right? Gordon tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. If informing the public what one has done for the benefit of many is already a mortal sin, then let there be no politicians and let us just elect scholars whose achievements were seen in books only for the intellectuals to feast on.

Others say that he is not visible in their places this campaign period. Thank you for raising this one for it just proved that your candidates are only visible during campaign periods. May be he has not set his feet in your place now to give flyers and shake your hands, but surely when something happens, a calamity or disaster, he is always there working in action when others are just enjoying political luncheons.

Yes, your Presidential candidate can wage a nationwide campaign BUT what is truly decisive is that CAN HE RUN THE COUNTRY?

Who knows best when it comes to disaster prevention, awareness and preparedness than my President? Your bets, perhaps, were visible during the catastrophic Ondoy and Pepeng. Why not? Even movie actors and actresses made noises. But where were they during Mt. Pinatubo ash falls, Mindanao relief operations, Leyte landslides, Pagoda tragedy in Bulacan, Cabanatuan City earthquake, Wowowee stampede and Glorietta bombings, to name a few? My President has served more than 40 years as a VOLUNTEER in the Philippine National Red Cross and he is our international delegate on this matter. These exemplify that my President is not merely a robust leader but a compassionate server.

I have known people who got sick and those who needed financial assistance and GORDON WAS THE ONLY SENATOR who extended help. This is not a lip service.

A good illustration is someone I knew who is in dire need of the medical assistance. I helped her draft the legal papers / letters (hence, I have personal knowledge and this is not plainly hearsay) to be sent to various Congressmen and Senators (including your presidential bets) and ONLY RICHARD GORDON responded (within 2 hours to be exact!) and has given the financial aid needed.

Again, public service at its finest!

This is not to pull down your candidates. I would just like to stress a FACT and would like to INVITE you to PONDER on these–- Are we going to settle only for these nonsense talks in ad campaigns? “Hindi ako mangungurakot,” “Lalangoy ako sa dagat ng basura at iaahon ko kayo sa kahirapan,” “Galing at Talino,” “Walang mahirap kay Erap” and so on.

Anyone can claim that he or she has GALING AT TALINO (ask any accomplished professionals like lawyers, doctors, accountants and engineers for that matter). Anyone can claim that he or she has that integrity and is righteous not to plunder (which, by the way, has been promised by many politicians). Anyone can claim that he or she can alleviate the poor and the marginalized from the mud they are paddling into.


It's not merely about clear-cut vision because any intelligent person could make it up (others, with the aid of their thinkers). It is more on continuing your mission. Have you truly seen your man IN ACTION? I HAVE SEEN MINE AND HE MADE ME REALIZE THAT PHILIPPINES CAN RISE AGAIN THROUGH A CHANGE IN MEN. I am voting for him because I dream of that day that my beloved country will regain its pride and dignity.


I do not wish to make this post longer than intended, thus, allow me to introduce my candidate in an unpresumptuous or self-effacing way I can.

WHY GORDON? He is the only presidential candidate who HAS delivered, while others still PROMISE to deliver. The only presidential candidate who has an impressive track record BOTH in the legislative and executive departments. The only presidential candidate who knows disaster awareness and preparedness acts for having been a volunteer of Red Cross for more than 40 years. The only presidential candidate EASY TO DEFEND for he has made a name for himself— a track record of good governance illuminates his aura.

He has a vision and continues to do his mission. He demands change, commands leadership through his accomplished tasks and transforms the country through a change in men. He tells you what you NEED to know, NOT what you WANT to know.

AS TO OTHER REASONS WHY I AM CHOOSING HIM AS MY PRESIDENT-- Res Ipsa Loquitur! (His track record will surely speak for himself).

Galing, Talino, TRACK RECORD, Kredibilidad, Integridad at Prinsipyo, ‘YAN ANG PRESIDENTE KO!

By the way, if you will tell me that “Magaling siya kaso hindi mananalo,” you just insulted yourself and let the surveys manipulate you (merely 2,000 respondents?) DO NOT INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE. STAND FIRM ON YOUR VOTE BECAUSE, IN THE END, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CHOICE YOU MADE.

With this post, I may arouse a tongue squabble. You may beg to differ. I respect other people's opinion. This is mine. =) I want to believe that I am a proactive voter not a destructive advertiser.

Now, I answered your question. Can you answer mine? Or better yet ask yourself: WHAT TANGIBLE PROOF OF GOOD LEADERSHIP DO YOU HOLD FOR YOUR CANDIDATE?




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Gene said...

Bravo. Linked!

Hannah said...

Gordon for the win!

Hannah said...

reposted this on my fb

jerellt said...

Hey there! I was the one who wrote "The only thing that can make me withdraw my support to Dick Gordon". Thank you very much for linking it to your blog.

Your post made me cry. It gave me the assurance that I made the right choice. From blogging, I now tried giving away fliers. That is how desperate I am, along with my friends. We are desperate for change.

"WHY GORDON? He is the only presidential candidate who HAS delivered, while others still PROMISE to deliver." <-- This statement makes the non-believers ponder about their choices.

I'll share this ha. :) We still have two days to flood the online world until they make the right choice! ^_^

lilywhite said...

@Gene & Hannah: Thanks =) Let's hope & pray for a peaceful election tomorrow.

@Jerell: I looove your blog...super! Yes, we made the right choice, no doubt about that. Nakaka-touch talaga ang mga posts about Sen. Gordon. Cge sis, share mo lang. I shared your blog at FB and femalenetwork. Added you too on my blogroll.

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